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Hi Gwyn and Lilly!


It's been awhile since I've given you an update on Baylee and thought you might like to hear how she's doing. On that note, she's doing amazing. We've been jumping for about 2 months now. We spent all summer working on getting her strong. She had some difficulty getting her hind end strong because she keeps growing (she's about 16.3 now) but she's finally pretty solid. Jumping is not a problem for her at all. Our biggest job is keeping her focused. She's a bit like a kid in a candy store-always looking at everything besides the jump. She is quite talented over the fences though. My trainer has been jumping her as well and from what I gather, she's done a bit of good height. The dressage has really been our strong point lately. Her dad's nice dressage genes have been to our advantage. I have attached some photos from a dressage clinic we did with Wolfgang Scherzer two weekends ago. I think you'll be pleased with how nice she looks. She's really going to be a fantastic horse. I'm hoping that by the spring we'll be ready to start eventing and hopefully we'll do a few small hunter/jumper shows and dressage shows this winter. Hope all is well in Indiana!! I just wanted to thank you again for breeding such an aweseome mare! Cheers,


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