Maple Ridge Sport Horses
Maple Ridge Sport Horses









9797 S Rangeline Rd
Clinton, IN 47842

Phone: 765-376-9519









66’ X 200 Outdoor arena


80’ X 230’ Outdoor grass jumping area


66’ X 130 indoor arena


6 Stall barn with tackroom


Turnout lots and pastures with shelter

We believe a horse is happier and healthier outside in pasture. We give maximum turnout but tailor to a horses needs.


Pasture board consists of grain twice a day and hay as needed in addition to full time pasture. A paddock with a shelter is also available either individual or with a companion.  Supplements or specialized grain can be feed but must be provided by owner and a small fee is added to pasture board price for individual feeding.  Stall board with turnout is available on a very limited basis.  Supplements or specilized grain must be provided by owner.   Call or E-mail for availability and prices.


We also can provide short term stall care for a horse recovering from an injury or non contagious illness.


Maple Ridge Sport Horses is a Tribute Feed Dealership.  Right Choice 14, Kalm Ultra, and Essential K are in stock in bags,  any other Tribute Feed can be provided.  Email Gwyn at for prices and details.

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